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Dear clients of Belcrest Animal Clinic Inc.

Here are some recommendations given to us to pass on to you from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).


From ASPCA Poison Control Center:
"Foods your pet should avoid"

1.  Chocolate (especially Dark Chocolate and baking chocolate), and Coffee and or Coffee Beans.
2.  Alcohol.
3.  Avocado, and Avocado Pits.
4.  Macadamia Nuts.
5.  Grapes, and Rasins.
6.  Raw yeast and Bread Dough.
7.  Products containing Xylitol (a sugar substitute).
8.  Onions and Garlic.
9.  Gorilla Glue.
10. Anti-Freeze.
There are others, but this list will keep your pet from 90% of toxins they could be exposed to.  You can check the ASPCA website for a complete list including many houseplants.  www.aspca.org/apcc


From the CDC (this is the same organization that monitors human diseases like influenza, and other infectious diseases).

1.  Roundworm prevention - There are at least 1,200 cases of human blindness from roundworm migration in people, unfortunately mostly in young children.  The roundworm larvae migrate to the optic artery instead of the intestine.  The solution - Roundworm prevention once monthly basically is accomplished with any heart worm control medication which also controls roundworms.   
2.  Flea prevention in both dogs and cats - Again, even in Colorado.  Besides causing dermatitis, fleas carry the bacteria "Bartonella" which is the bacteria that causes what used to be called Cat Scratch Fever as you can get this from cats or dogs.  If your cat or dog has fleas, they carry this Bartonella Bacteria and if they scratch you, even playfully and break the skin, you can contract a bartonella infection.  This bacteria can put people in the hospital on IV fluids and IV antibiotics.  The solution is flea prevention once monthly.  Year round for life - even in Colorado in the winter - ask s about the Coyote we saw for the division of wildlife in February about 3 years ago.  

Thank you, for reading this over an please consider these easy, inexpensive preventative measures

Dr. Bill Hancock
Belcrest Animal Clinic Inc.  




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We were visiting from out of state with our 4 dogs, when our eldest dog took a turn for the worst. Our neighbor recommended Belcrest. They got us in immediately due to our dog's symptoms. It's not a fancy building but it is clean - less overhead. Each step of the way they checked with us regarding price and received our consent. And the kind, responsive care was excellent. Compared to other vets we've used throughout the 25 years of pet ownership, I found their prices quite reasonable.

We had to make the most difficult, heart wrenching decision, and I appreciated the competence of the doctor, her sincerity, and honesty regarding our beloved dog's suffering. To be away from our regular vet was hard enough, and I was grateful for Belcrest for honoring Flopsy and us through this trying time. Thank you to the techs and veterinarian that treated us kindly. I don't remember anyone's name because I was quite emotional at the time.

Sarah D.
Colorado Springs, CO

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