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Saturday hours at Belcrest animal clinic.
Dear clients of Belcrest Animal Clinic Inc.
For the past eight years, we have been open every Saturday from 8:30 - noon. recently, Dr. Barber turned in her resignation and will be working in Pueblo which is about 50 miles closer to her home. She has commuted here over 100 miles each way whenever she works.
Since she will no longer be here, Dr. Hancock will be working every Friday. He use to be off on Friday's. Since he will be available ten more hours WE WILL NOT BE OPEN ON SATURDAY MORNINGS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This will start on SATURDAY JANUARY 14TH. If you need help, there are ER clinics to take care of your needs on Saturdays and Sundays.
If things change in the next few months, we will consider being open again on Saturday mornings. We will keep you informed about changes in hours.
Dr. Hancock

Call 719-632-0222 to make an appointment!

THIS ---->https://belcrestaccom.vetmatrixbase.com/home/new-hours/new-hours.html

Office Hours

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We were visiting from out of state with our 4 dogs, when our eldest dog took a turn for the worst. Our neighbor recommended Belcrest. They got us in immediately due to our dog's symptoms. It's not a fancy building but it is clean - less overhead. Each step of the way they checked with us regarding price and received our consent. And the kind, responsive care was excellent. Compared to other vets we've used throughout the 25 years of pet ownership, I found their prices quite reasonable.

We had to make the most difficult, heart wrenching decision, and I appreciated the competence of the doctor, her sincerity, and honesty regarding our beloved dog's suffering. To be away from our regular vet was hard enough, and I was grateful for Belcrest for honoring Flopsy and us through this trying time. Thank you to the techs and veterinarian that treated us kindly. I don't remember anyone's name because I was quite emotional at the time.

Sarah D.
Colorado Springs, CO

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